First, visit Set Up the AWS Mobile SDK for Unity. Basically, it will show you the prerequisites (an AWS account is one of them) and the Unity package to download

After downloading the package (zip file), you’ll find some Unity package files. In this project we will import the AWSSDK.S3.

To create a system that allows to get diamonds when enemies are killed and that the diamonds can be collected by the player that in the future we will spend in our shop.

We are going to make the prefab of the diamond that must have its animated sprite and…

it’s common for your enemies to share traits such as Health and Speed. Simple inheritance can be used across your enemy classes to help streamline things!

This is where abstract classes shine. They focus on the accountability of an interface while simultaneously allowing for the flexibility of traditional class inheritance.

In the past week I was completing the 2.5D course from GameDevHQ

  1. I learned this week how to make a elevator system
  2. Hanging Ledge system
  3. Animation Events!

I also learned that while doing the course. I need to stop being lazy and start learning new things in Unity. Is just kind of impossible to believe that I have 2 years using the engine

Now on to the mobile course!!

To import the assets, you first need to drag the filebase into your unity project. Then it will display all the import files which you need to accept and it will integrate itself with your unity project.

Then open the Filebase from the menu bar, log in using your subscription email and now you can import the desired assets.

Select Tutorials>Starter files from the drop down beside the search bar and then select the 2.5d starter file indicating a certification course.

it should show a download button, just click on it and import your assets for your project.

We want our player to be able to wall jump here so to set it up, create a new tag called wall and set the tag of these two walls to “Wall”.

inside the player script, define two variables one to check if wall jump and another to store the…

First we’ll make sure our collectable item has a Collider component and Is Trigger is checked. We’ll also need a Rigidbody component, and will probably want Use Gravity unchecked, unless we want the collectable to fall to the ground.

Create a coin script to attach to our collectables. We’re creating coins in this case, so we’ll give them a value that can be assigned in the Inspector.

When the player touches our collectable, the collectable will call the player’s AddCoins method, passing-in the value of the coin. The collectable will then destroy itself. If we wanted to add particle or sound effects to the pick-up, we would place them just before the Destroy command.

Chris Daley(Desonn)

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