Setup New Unity Input System

To start, we will want to add it to the projects we wish to use it with

Pull up the package manager and find it under Input system in the unity registry!

A warning message will pop up we just have to click on yes:

We can enable both if we wanted to. To do so, we just have to go into our project settings and select both under the active input handling:

Now that we have this set up within Unity!

Create a new input action. From here, we can open it up and look at what we can do from

What this allows us to do is create different actions based on the situation the player is in. All that we need to do at this point, after coding in the different ways those action maps work, is tell Unity when we switch to a new map.

Let’s look at how we can go about creating a WASD walking system. First off ,we will want to change the properties in the action to a value type with a control type of vector 2, we can then add a new binding to it

After changing the values, we can select the 2d vector composite and change the buttons to what we desire them to be!

That is some of the basics of this new input system’s actions through the unity editor,



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